30.10.-15.11.2020 Tanzfestival Rhein-Main

    As a central project of the Rhein-Main dance platform, the Rhein-Main dance festival bundles the activities of this cooperation, which is unique in Germany, between a production house, the Künstlerhaus Mousonturm and the Hessisches Staatsballett, which is based at the state theaters in Wiesbaden and Darmstadt. It presents the works of international choreographers and outstanding artists who live and work in the region and combines them with a diverse framework and workshop program.

    In it, people with and without previous knowledge can get to know the diverse forms of dance in a self-experiment and thus reflect the experiences they have as visitors to the performance again on other levels. A highlight is the Rhein-Main dance day, which invites you to try out different dance styles in over 170 taster courses throughout the Rhine-Main region.

    The Rhein-Main dance platform will host the fifth edition of the Rhein-Main dance festival from October 30th to November 15th, 2020. The opening will take place on October 30th, 2020, the dance day on November 14th, 2020.

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  • AMP Dance Company

    AMP stands for amplification - we capture the currents of society, life and human interaction. We contrast them, extract their essence, and amplify it. What we bring on stage is all of that translated into a unique experience for the audience.

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  • Billinger & Schulz

    Verena Billinger and Sebastian Schulz deal with society and the public in their work.

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  • Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company

    The Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company is based in equal measure in the cities of Dresden and Frankfurt am Main. Internationally acclaimed choreographer Jacopo Godani serves as artistic director of the company.

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  • Frankfurt LAB

    Frankfurt LAB has been founded as a creative „lab of modernity“, a space dedicated to experimental art.

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  • Tanzlabor_21

    Tanzlabor_21 / A Tanzplan Deutschland Project is dedicated to professional dance education and unites all dance-relevant institutions in the Frankfurt Rhine-Main area. Tanzlabor_21 seeks to intensify the interaction between dance theory and dance practice.

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  • Tanzplan

    Tanzplan is a contemporary, pan-sectoral dance-theatre concept.

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  • Tanztheater Johanna Knorr - Junges Ensemble

    Johanna Knorr has written, choreographed and produced children's and youngsters' theatre productions since 1993.

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  • Freies Tanztheater Frankfurt

    The "Free Dance Theatre Frankfurt", directed by Marie-Luise Thiele, is focussed on the spatial playing of specific locations and synaesthetic dance-music-visual performances.

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  • Patricia Leinhos

    Patricia Leinhos, producer, choreographer and performer, experiments in her dance productions with the reduction, isolation and variation of the prevailing aesthetic material.

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