• Ampere Theater

    A spark from the audience and five milliseconds preparation are all that Ampere Theater needs to stage a musical, a horror show.

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  • antagon theaterAKTion

    A performance theatre of modern times and simultaneously an Orion of forgotten traditional theatre roots.

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  • Bockenheimer Theaterensemble

    It is the sheer enjoyment of playing. Playing roles. Changing roles. Transformation. The language of movement and the movement of the language. And thereby experiencing completely new challenges and learning new sides of oneself.

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  • Daritsche Theatergruppe

    With critical look the ensemble delves into the backgrounds of fanaticism and the emerging dictatorial structures and destinies of people living under a dictatorship.

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  • Das Theater

    “Das Theater” never fails to captivate its public, both with amusing plays like Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s Story of the Small Prince in Hessen dialect, or with romantic productions like a treatment of love stories and songs dating from the past 400 years.

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  • Die Schwerdtfegers

    They embody a married couple typical for Hessen that could turn up at a typical German talkshow on any afternoon: unrestrained, loquacious and forever quarrelsome.

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  • Ensemble 9. November

    Text, music, dancing, visual arts and choreographed performance are harmonized to an overall work of art in every production.

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  • Ensemble VoilĂ 

    Political theatre by Brecht or the absurd by Becket – performing since the eighties, the ensemble focuses on current topics in various styles.

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  • Galli Theater

    With cheery, contemporary productions for children and adults the actors of Galli Theater respond to the wishes of their public.

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  • Heiner Produktion

    There is still lots new to be discovered - Heiner Produktion remains inquisitive and open on all sides.

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