Composers in Frankfurt am Main


Many famous composers, such as Clara Schumann, Heiner Goebbels, Paul Hindemith and Georg Philipp Telemann, are closely associated with Frankfurt am Main, as are other notable composers who are less well-known today, such as Walter Braunfels, Ferdinand Ries or Bernhard Sekles.

These pages provide information on the life and work of composers who have shaped the music life of our city. The list is far from complete and is constantly being updated.

Two exhibitions on the subject of composers in Frankfurt am Main, of 1979 and 1981, allowed a glimpse of the vast collection of Frankfurt’s Library of Music and of music in Frankfurt in general. In compiling this biographical list of composers, we have largely drawn on the booklets accompanying the exhibitions by Hartmut Schäfer, the then Head of the Music Department of the Frankfurt University Library.


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Composers in Frankfurt

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