Visionale - Hessisches JugendMedienFestival (Hessian Young People’s Media Festival)


The largest media festival for young people from Hesse, which celebrated its 20th edition in 2007, is both a competition for the sought-after Frankfurt film awards and a communication forum for media makers, media professionals and the audience.

The underlying idea of the free festival is the promotion of media literacy of children and young people, who in our age of unlimited possibilities of media use would like to express themselves with their own contributions and get involved.

The Jugendfilmtage (Young People’s Film Days) with current productions by children, young people, and young adults up to the age of 27 take centre stage at the festival. Feature films and documentaries as well as animations, music clips, experimental pieces and multimedia works are shown. The participants of the Visionale show their skills as authors, filmmakers, web designers, photographers, programmers, actors, stage designers, directors or musicians and also prove their expertise at film cutting techniques. Requirements to enter the competition are fresh ideas and an interesting audio-visual rendering. A jury of professionals awards the prize money totalling € 6.000 at the end of each festival.

Up-to-date information such as submission deadlines for the upcoming Visionale can be found on the festival website.

The festival is hosted by the Stadtbildstelle Frankfurt im Medienzentrum Frankfurt e.V. (Municipal Film Hire Service for Educational Films), the Youth Welfare and Social Services Department of the City of Frankfurt, the Gallus Zentrum and the Filmhaus Frankfurt. Visionale venue is the Gallus Theatre in Frankfurt.

Gallus Theater
Kleyerstraße 15
60326 Frankfurt am Main
Phone +49 (0) 69 75806020
Fax 49 69 75806017