Hessen Film- and Cinema-Awards


The State of Hessen, through the Hessen Film Fund, annually awards the Hessen Film Awards with a total of 75.000 Euros to the director/s of the selected film/s. The Prize may only be awarded to three films at the most.

The Hessen College Film Prize has a value of 7.500 Euros and is awarded for the best finals film by a student of a Hessen college.

The Hessen Cinema Prize including the Hessen Film Art Prize have a total value of 87.000 Euros. The Cinema Prize is for 75.000 Euros and is awarded for outstanding cultural commitment to commercially run Hessen cinemas which do not have non-state support. The Film Art Prize has a value of 12.000 Euros and is awarded to non-commercial and communal cinemas and cinema initiatives.

The Hessen Screenplay Prize in the amount of 7.500 Euros is awarded to a successful author of a screenplay. A relationship to the State of Hessen by the author or the submitted work is mandatory.

Prizewinners are selected by three three-member juries:
for the production and distribution sector,
for the Film Prize and the Screenplay Prize
for the screening sector and the Cinema Prize including the Hessen Film Art Prize.

The Hessen Ministry for Science and Art nominates the jurors for the production and distribution sector as well as for the Film and Screenplay prizes on the basis of a mutual proposal submitted by the Film Bureau Hessen and the Filmhaus Frankfurt.

Prizes are awarded annually during a glamouros ceremony. Producers, directors, college graduates, authors, commercial and non-commercial cinemas may submit applications for productions, programmes, projects or works completed or executed in the previous year - for films prior to two years maximum.

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