Hessen Film Fund / Hessische Rundfunk Film Fund


The Hessen Film Fund and the Film Fund of Hessen Radio/TV (HR), which cooperate since 1997 and are located on the premises of HR, have a joint annual budget of around 2.1 million Euros. Main criteria in selecting projects for promotion are artistic quality and creativity. In addition to promoting film projects, cinemas in the state of Hessen are also supported with high-grade programmes.

Objective of the Hessen Film Promotion is to provide an opportunity for those film-makers who creatively stand out from the mainstream. It supports young talent of film colleges and simultaneously makes a contribution to financially more ambitious documentaries and feature films, which as a rule are dependent on support by several states and institutions. Its philosophy is to do justice to the demands on the medium film as cultural and economic asset.

With the film distribution promotion Hessen helps to both bring films produced in the state to the market, as well as copies of culturally meritable as yet unknown films.

Applications may be submitted for feature films, documentaries, animated films, experimental films and short films in all lengths and formats. The Film Promotion of HR Radio/TV concentrates mainly on screenplays, production plans and production promotion. The promotion of the State of Hessen spans the bridge to post production and screening, where local festivals also find support. With submitted projects a relationship of the project or applicant to the State of Hessen is a requirement.

Funds of the promotion need not be repaid. Both the Hessen and the HR film promotions offer personal advice by arrangement.

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