German Film Museum Frankfurt


Opened in 1984 as the first film museum in Germany, the institution is currently undergoing construction work for a sum of €13 m: the spaces open to the public will be extended by around 30 % and the museum is to have a new permanent exhibition. Behind the historic façade of the villa situated on the Museum Embankment an architecturally completely new building is underway. Preparations began in November 2009, virtually the moment the museum closed its doors to the public; by January 2010 all offices will also have moved.

All information on the building measures and the new concept as well as the programme during the temporary closure can be found on the website

Until the reopening scheduled for spring 2011 the Deutsches Filmmuseum will give a number of guest performances at other venues. Coming up are the Italian film festival ‘Verso Sud 15’ showing at the CineStar Metropolis (20 November – 1 December) and the festival ‘Africa Alive’ (February 2010) at the Mal Seh’n cinema and the Filmforum Höchst. The film education course ‘Filmanalyse im Kino’ inviting teachers and their students to analyse and discuss short films with the help of an expert will take place from November onwards, also at the CineStar Metropolis. Children’s birthday parties will be held at the neighbouring Museum für Kommunikation; this service accompanies the exhibition ‘Janosch: Grafiken und Aquarelle’ (12 November 2009 - 31 January 2010).

The building of the Deutsches Filmmuseum opened in 1984 – an institution of the Deutsches Filminstitut – DIF since their fusion in 2006 – used to house an exhibition area with a permanent exhibition and two spaces for temporary exhibitions, the text and image archives, a cinema as well as a film library.

After the redesign, the permanent exhibition, in addition to the history of film since its early days, is to include 21st century developments in film technology and film culture. Larger public areas will also in future be used for thematic exhibitions. The space can also be rented for external special events.

The cinema, well known and appreciated for its broad and multi-faceted programme consisting of classics, experimental films as well as current productions, will be showing its programme on other screens in the city.

During redevelopment the other departments open to the public such as the text and image archives as well as the library will also have to move to other premises. Information on the temporary location as well as on the availability of the archival holdings is provided at

With the reopening in spring 2011, the cinematic institution situated on Schaumainkai will once more be able to focus on its main purpose: to further interest in and knowledge of the cultural asset of film.

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