Fantasy Filmfest

International Festival for Science Fiction, Horror and Thriller

In August 2003 the Fantasy Filmfest already made its 17th guest appearance in Frankfurt. In the course of the years the festival has developed from a fan event into a major function that provides a comprehensive overview of the international genre cinema. Thanks to the committed advances made by international film scholars and critics, the horror and thriller genre has long been able to cast aside its smutty image.

Today the German film scenario cannot be imagined without the Fantasy Filmfest. The organizers offer a far-reaching programme with around 80 films, from trash horror via Asian cult cinema to demanding “author film” thrillers.

Alongside genuine rarities and discoveries, an extensive “star cinema” can also be viewed: in the year 2003, for example, films were screened with John Malkovich (“Ripleys Game”), John Goodman (“Dirty Deeds”) and Ray Liotta (“Identity”).

Annually during August.

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