Cuba im Film - Festival de Cine Cubano


Every year, in May, the festival of film and culture “Cuba im Film” (Cuba on Film) has been taking place at the Filmforum Höchst since 1996. It is organised by the 3.-Welt-Haus Frankfurt and the Filmforum Höchst.

The festival is intended to stimulate discussion on the social situation in Cuba as well as on the cinematographic development of this important Latin American filmmaking country whose film productions are a by-word for sophisticated, experimental and socio-critical cinema.

“Cuba im Film” has developed into a staple on the festival scene and attracts an audience not only from Frankfurt but also from much further afield. In past years, apart from current feature films and documentary productions, the festival also showed films from the “San Antonio de los Baños” film academy and by the film class of the “Instituto Superior del Arte” in Havana.

It’s precisely this cooperation with film academies, which makes it possible to present new tendencies in Cuban and Latin American filmmaking at “Cuba im Film”. Annually, filmmakers from Cuba are invited to the Filmforum Höchst to introduce their films in person.

Since 2009 the “Cuba im Film” festival has also been awarding a short film prize to young Cuban filmmakers.

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