Study Course "Theatre, film and media sciences", Goethe University


This course of study was set up in 1992. Keynote of its training syllabus is the theory, history and analysis of audio-visual media. In a main course of study the students must decide for two of the three keynotes in a combination of their choice.

About 60 students are admitted annually, ending their course with master or doctorate. Selection takes place on the basis of school leaving grades and/or waiting period. Applications must be lodged by 15 July of the pertinent year.

Practical training is generally called for during the course. Projects are conducted especially in the theatre sector. In the film sector emphasis is on the theory and history of earlier cinemas up to 1918, on feminist and psychoanalytical film theory and classical slapstick. Regular workshops and block seminars are held on film review.

Studiengang "Theater- Film- und Medienwissenschaften", Goethe-Universität
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