Mal seh'n Cinema


One of Frankfurt's most long-standing programme cinemas is the "Mal Seh'n", which was founded by a group of film fans and film-makers in 1984. The programme of this small and cosy cinema, which is equipped with the most modern projection technology, covers the entire spectrum of contemporary cinema aside from the mainstream: European authors' films, American independent productions, documentaries and rescreenings of old classics. Films are screened predominantly in their original versions with German subtitles.
"Mal Seh'n" also arranges programme series and small festivals on subjects such as "Companion and associates of dogma '95" or "Landscape in Film". The cinema has won various awards for its programmes (e.g. the Hessen Cinema Prize, Award for the Annual Film Programme of the Minister of the Interior).
Affiliated to the cinema the "Café Filmriss", adorned with film posters, is a comfortable place to enjoy a glass of wine, a beer or snack before of after the film.

Mal seh'n Kino e.V.
Adlerflychtstraße 6
60318 Frankfurt am Main
Phone +49 (0) 69 5970845
Fax 49 69 557342