Joint Society of the Evangelical Journalism Council Film and AV Media - GEP

Critical observance, reflection and assessment of film and cinema programmes, advice on and coordination of Evangelical film work are the functions of the GEP. They are conducted in the form of journalistic programmes and organizational services.

Dialogue with an interested public serves the event programme of the Council with film and media consumption forums: the annual Arnoldsshain Film discussions, arranged jointly with the Evangelical Academy Arnoldshain, and the "Workshop Film Work" are devoted to aesthetical and theoretical fundamental problems of films and cinema. They are documented in own publications. Issued regularly are the editorially independent magazine "epd Film", within the scope of the Evangelical Press Services, and the media-pedagogic magazine "medien praktisch", which also services the annual "Short film list" with around 100 thematically listed film recommendations. The GEP publication "Feature film list" is issued along the same lines.

In addition, with its recommendation "Film of the Month", the jury of the Evangelical Film Society draws attention to aesthetically different and problem-focussed productions aside from the commercial mainstream. Films from the Third World are given special support by the Evangelical Centre for Development Related Film Work (EZEF).

The Council also organizes a Media Exchange Film, which presents a selection of current short film productions to the Evangelical media centres and non-commercial lending centres of the state churches. In the field of film politics the Council advises the film representatives of the EKD. In the audio-visual media sector, traditionally covering "still" visual productions such as slide shows, sound slide shows as well as individual pictures, foils and posters for education and community work, the Council works closely with media centres and religious education centres. In the interest of further development of the AV media programme the Council also takes into account developments such as multimedia, advertising and photography and their influence on the perception and expectations of the individual.

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