Hessen Film and Cinema Bureau

The Hessen Film and Cinema Bureau promotes the many-sided, experimentally-oriented film and cinema culture. The Bureau is an independent institution that supports Hessen's film and cinema industry with a diverse programme of projects, advisory and service packages. Members are 40 cinemas, 15 festivals and 120 professionals in the Hessen film industry.

Special attention is devoted to short films and documentaries, independently produced feature films and small to medium-sized cinemas in Hessen, where the Bureau represents their interests and ensures a varied showing programme.

The Bureau has organized the "Frankfurter Filmschau" since 1985 and it has become a key festival in the Hessen film scene. The Film and Cinema Bureau also founded the "Association of Hessen Film Festivals", to which belong 15 festivals throughout the state.

Film- und Kinob├╝ro Hessen e.V.
Fahrgasse 89
60311 Frankfurt am Main
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