Federal Association of Documentary Filmmakers - ag dok


Founded in September 1980, the Documentary Work Study Group (ag dok) is a group representing the interests of documentary film-makers who came together more than 20 years ago with the "Duisburg Declaration", which opposed the degrading of the documentary and the disappearance of the genre from cinemas. With almost 700 members, it is the largest occupational association of television-independent producers and film-makers in Germany and sees itself as a cultural and media-political lobby against state authorities, film promotion organizations and television stations. The Association commissions legal expertise, voices opinions on legislation amendments, e.g. the Copyright Act, and is represented in the Administration Committee of VG Bild-Kunst and the Film Promotion Board.

With its initiative German Documentaries ag dok provides a platform to promote the foreign distribution of German documentaries and is present at majors fairs and film markets. The subjacent discussion on the documentary genre is conducted at conventions and congresses. Highlight to date was the 1st International Documentary Film Congress in summer 1999 in Munich with more than 450 participants.

ag dok provides its members with essential branch information; the receipt of the film-political information service "black box" is included in the membership fee; the European documentary magazine DOXY can be ordered at a special price. Also offered is concessionary associate membership in the European Documentary Network EDN.

ag dok members can obtain legal advice via a network of contracted lawyers. The Association provides specific help in drafting contracts. Legal disputes conducted in joint interests can be supported by ag dok. Under the scope of BUFI it also undertakes the accreditation of its members at the Berlin Film Festival.

Alongside the central association structure are regional groups in Hamburg, Cologne, Munich and Frankfurt. In Hessen alone ag dok has more than 60 members who meet regularly for discussions and at events. ag dok Hessen is decisively involved in structuring the State Film Promotion and supports the advancement of the Hessen film and media policy in order to maintain and extend competitive production facilities in the state.

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