Faculty "Visual communication", College of Design Offenbach, study keynote film/AV

At the College of Design non-institutionalized seminars in the sector film/AV were already offered in the seventies. The course of study was officially established on an equal ranking with the other courses of stage set design and graphic design in 1983. Instruction according to the Offenbach model enables students to decide on the short feature film or the documentary, although all students are obliged to learn a film occupation such as camera, cutting, classical or computer animation, script shooting management etc., in order that career prospects are available after studies. This practice-related training programme is guaranteed by compact courses, conducted predominantly by leading film professionals of all sectors from the Frankfurt region.
The Offenbach model first begins in the third semester following the two-semester basic course of visual communication. In this fundamental two-semester film course each student is instructed in the technical and design elements with at least two productions on 16 mm film. In addition to the fields camera and mounting this also includes obligatory courses on the work of sound studio and film laboratory.

The College of Design is one of the few institutions Germany-wide where students themselves stand at the copying and development machines and independently carry out negative cut, light assessment and mixing.

The decision for film or video in a main course of study is first taken after completion of basic instruction and pre-diploma. Currently around 80 percent of students who see the course through to graduation find jobs in their field within half a year. The College of Design thus makes a significant contribution to the infrastructure of the Frankfurt region's expanding economy and media culture.

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