Gallus Theater


The traditional production facility and playhouse for free artist groups from Frankfurt and vicinity offers a far-reaching programme for adults, teenagers and children.

The Gallus Theater is a production facility and playhouse for free artist groups from Frankfurt and vicinity and open for guest performances from all over the world. With the talents of professionally accomplished artists the theatre directors Winnie Becker and Heike Bonzelius present a diverse and likewise appealing programme for adults, children and teenagers. Emerging from cultural work with young people of foreign origins in the Gallus district, the theatre today is close to the heart of the district’s population, but has also won theatregoers from the entire region.

In 1975 the association International Solidarity Centre took over the premises of a car repair shop in Krifteler Strasse and established a multi-national culture centre, Gallus Zentrum. During this period 25 Italian youngsters from the Zentrum together with their leader Brian Michaels attended a theatre workshop run by the producer Willy Praml. “Qui e la” and other productions followed and the cornerstone for the subsequent theatre was laid down. The “teatro siciliano” became the first “guest worker” theatre group in the then FRG. In 1983, under the name “Gallus Theater”, it opened its doors to other free groups and rapidly developed into a professional stage with a regular programme.

The present venue in the former Adler factory was taken over in 1998. The new premises have an auditorium seating 200 theatre lovers, rehearsal rooms for artists and a spacious foyer, which is used for changing exhibitions.

Gallus Theater
Kleyerstraße 15
60326 Frankfurt am Main
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