Museum of Local History Zeilsheim


During preparations for Zeilsheim’s 1200th anniversary in 1994, several Zeilsheimers got together to form the Zeilsheim Local History Association. The immediately set goal of founding a museum was written down in the statutes. In 1991, the Association was able to lease the old fire station, built in 1843, from the City of Frankfurt. The building was in a bad state of repair, but Association members invested uncountable hours to refurbish it to a natural history museum.

The Museum was inaugurated on 15 July 1993. In her opening speech Linda Reisch, Head of the Frankfurt Culture Department, spoke of the “smallest but finest Museum in Frankfurt”. Thanks to generous donations, for example from the “Association to Promote the 1200-Year Celebrations”, the Natural History Association was able to purchase the Museum in 1997. Every year since its opening, a special exhibition on themes of local and contemporary history has been shown. The Museum is available for exhibitions to Zeilsheim clubs celebrating anniversaries.

Heimatmuseum Zeilsheim
Pfaffenwiese 2
65931 Frankfurt am Main
Phone +49 (0) 69 361123