Goethe in Frankfurt


The City of Frankfurt honours the memory of Johann Wolfgang Goethe. Signs recalling the presence of the Prince of Poets can be found at many places. True to the motto of the 250. birthday celebrations World Citizen Goethe – World Open Frankfurt the so-called Goethe Gingko from China stands in the district of Rödelheim. In the city forest one also meets Goethe: the vantage hill Goetheruh is close to the newly built Goetheturm.

In addition to numerous literary confrontations at idyllic places, such as Willemer Häuschen and Gerbermühle, as universal genius Goethe is not least godfather of Frankfurt Goethe University.

Goethes Places

  • Frankfurter Goethe Museum – Goethe House

    Johann Wolfgang Goethe's parental home as a memorial place with a painting gallery, a manuscripts archive, a print collection and a library

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  • Gerbermühle

    The history of the Gerbermühle is long and eventful. In the 14th century, a feudal estate was built on the left bank of the River Main. This was the start of a long story that has made the Gerbermühle one of the historically important spots in Frankfurt.

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  • Goetheruh and Goetheturm

    Situated in the city forest the Goetheturm was Germany’s highest timber construction and offered captivating views of Frankfurt and the neighbouring Taunus hills.

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  • Grave of Goethe’s Parents

    The grave of Goethe's father is located in the middle of downtown Frankfurt in the oldest preserved Christian cemetery.

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  • Willemer Häuschen

    “The most wonderful time” is how Goethe described the weeks in autumn of 1814 and 1815 that he last spent in his home country at the Willemer Häuschen

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