Museum of Local History Bergen-Enkheim


Since 1959 the local history museum is situated in one of the district's most charming buildings - the historic Rathaus in Bergen's Markstrasse. The Gothic substructure dates from the period 1300 to 1350, the upper floor, in the style of rustic Renaissance with the timber structure of the "Wild Man", stems from around 1520. The tower with a baroque lamppost dates back to the year 1704. Although composed of different building styles, the house nonetheless forms a harmonious unit. In the mighty wine cellar, dating back more than 750 years, a fine collection of folklore artefacts has found a domicile. It includes utensils and documents from four key trades: viniculture on the Berger Hang, cider production, flax processing, as Bergen-Enkheim was still a farming community.

In the Gothic courtroom, a heraldic frieze with 40 coats of arms documents the ruling and ownership rights prevailing in Bergen-Enkheim over the last 1000 years. An impressive diorama with 2,260 tin figures recalls the nearby battle (13 April 1759) during the Seven-Year War.

Old banners of local associations hang in the stairway and in the upper corridor significant events of local history are highlighted. In the former Rathaus the history of Schelmen Castle and of the knight lineages of Schelme and Bergen are vividly portrayed. Numerous items from Roman times and pre- and early history occupy two rooms. Star of this collection is "Hessen's loveliest hand-axe", the universal tool of Neanderthal man found near Bergen. A natural history collection is housed in two further rooms. Here, schoolchildren can learn about the fascination of the animal kingdom, the origins of local landscape, and general geological history.

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