Historical Sights and Museums

  • Historisches Museum Frankfurt

    The Historisches Museum on the Römerberg welcomes visitors with topical permanent and special exhibitions as well as a wide range of events and activities to accompany children and adults in exploring the city of Frankfurt and its history

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  • Kriminalmuseum Kriminaltechnische Lehrmittelsammlung des Polizeipräsidiums Frankfurt am Main

    Partly historical exhibits of the work of the police and some of Frankfurt’s most famous crimes

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  • Jüdisches Museum Frankfurt

    The museum presents the historical evolution, social and religious life of the Jewish community in Frankfurt from the 12th to the 20th century

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  • Jüdisches Museum / Museum Judengasse Frankfurt

    The Judengasse Museum is a branch of the Jewish Museum and houses an exhibition presenting Jewish history up until 1800.

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  • Money Museum of the Deutsche Bundesbank

    Historical coin and banknote collections, which vividly depicts the complex inter-relationships between money and monetary policy

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  • Paulskirche

    The Paulskirche (St. Pauls Church) is seen as the cradle of German democracy

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  • Petrihaus

    The Petrihouse is an idyllic excursion location offering one the opportunity to travel backwards and experience the magic of the Romantic era

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  • Porzellan Museum Frankfurt

    The museum shows the diversity of porcelain in the cultural context of the times

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  • Römer and Römerberg

    Römer (city hall) and Römerberg (city hall square) are cardinal locations in Frankfurt history

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  • Steinhausen-Haus of the Steinhausen-Stiftung

    Since 1987 house and garden of the artist were refurbished and converted into a small museum onto the life and work of Wilhelm Steinhausen.

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