Sängerkreis Frankfurt am Main e.V.


This Singing Circle was founded in 1947 as umbrella organization of Frankfurt choirs. Its members are also automatically members of the Hessische Sängerbund e.V.
Goal of the Sängerkreis is the cultivation and promotion of choir singing. In the course of the more than 50-year tradition, the seven member associations of foundation year 1947 have grown to an impressive "singing family" with more than 60 member associations in which over 2,500 singers cultivate their wonderful hobby.
Alongside the many activities of the individual choirs, in the years 1984-1992 the Sängerkreis organized the popular concert series "Frankfurt choirs present themselves" in the Mozartsaal and Grosse Saal of Frankfurt's Alte Oper. In 1989, a "large choir" composed from all member associations musically accompanied the inauguration celebrations for the German Garden Show, also in the Grosse Saal of the Alte Oper.
Held in two-year rhythm in outstanding concert halls, e.g. Zoo Gesellschaftshaus or Gesellschaftshaus Palmengarten, is the Frankfurt Choir Day, where a far-reaching programme with various musical interpretations is presented.

Via the Sängerkreis both member choirs and individual members are provided with comprehensive insurance coverage. For example each member choir is covered by association liability and association legal protection insurance. Singers themselves are covered by accident insurance for their journeys to rehearsals and performances. Member choirs also have the privilege of accounting GEMA (musical performance) fees for one concert per annum via the Singers' Association. The Sängerkreis also offers its members a diverse programme of musical education and training. Workshops for various choir compositions, group concerts and seminars for vice choirmasters are also part of our programme.

In the near future, together with the Hessische Sängerbund, we plan to set of an independent youth choir. On the one side this is intended to provide attractive musical leisure activities for children and youngsters, on the other to ensure up and coming talent for the choirs.

Interested choirs, choirmasters and singers are heartily welcome at any time.

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Sängerkreis Frankfurt am Main e.V.
Gottfried-Keller-Straße 33
60431 Frankfurt am Main