Mutter vom Guten Rat


Catholic church community in Frankfurt Niederrad.

The Albiez Organ, installed in our church “Mutter vom Guten Rat” in 1983, is still the largest and most outstanding instrument in Frankfurt and the entire region. With ca. 4000 pipes it is ideally suited for a wide musical spectrum and thrilling stylistic diversity. This marvellous organ is played for a wide range of concerts and rehearsals and naturally predominantly serves liturgical purposes, praising the Lord and pleasing worshippers.

This first-class organ and the church’s excellent acoustics are complemented by the musical enthusiasm of the church choir and its music director Johannes von Erdmann.

Further information on the musical spirit of the community can be found under the following links.

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Kirche der Katholischen Mutter vom Guten Rat-Gemeinde
Bruchfeldstraße 51
60528 Frankfurt am Main