Musikverein Unterliederbach - Blasorchester Höchst


Music Association Unterliederbach – Brass Band Höchst

The Brass Band Höchst presents modern and traditional brass band music around eight to 10 times per year. Our performances range from the Palmengarten Promenade Concert and the Concluding Concert of the Höchst Schloss Festival, via concerts in seniors’ residences and at city district festivals (public festival Unterliederbach), to our annual Autumn Concert in the Höchst Culture Centre and festive season brass band music at the Christmas markets in Höchst and Unterliederbach.

The ca. 15 musicians of all age groups from Frankfurt Höchst and surrounding districts enjoy and cultivate concertante orchestra music.

Musicians are welcome at all times, even when the instrument may have been “in mothballs” for some time.

Further information on the wind instrument orchestra on its homepage.

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