Justinuskirche Frankfurt - Höchst
Frankfurt`s oldest church

The Höchst Church Choir presents the HÖCHSTER ORGELSOMMER (Organ Summer) in the St. Josef and St. Justinus churches from May until September. The programme will be mailed upon request (by fax please).

The concert cycle HÖCHSTER ORGELSZENE regularly performs a concert on the first Sunday in the month at 17h in the St. Josef Church Höchst (admission free).

Tickets for the Höchster Orgelsommer are available from the Frankfurt Ticket Office and in the Höchster Reisebüro (Höchst railway station).

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Höchster Kantorei
Schleifergasse 2
65929 Frankfurt am Main
Phone +49 (0) 69 302386
Fax 49 69 302386