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Workstudy group of Frankfurt choirs
House of Choirs

Whereas in the period following the year 2000, Germany’s economic situation led to the disbandment of many orchestras, cuts in culture budgets and widespread curtailments in general musical training, Frankfurt resisted this trend and, in the year 2005, built a rehearsal house for its oratorial choirs. With this step the City admirably demonstrated what can be achieved in times of economic recession when politics, business and cultural leaders work effectively together in private initiative. It also showed the status that culture still occupies even when budgets are tight. A further underlying goal of the project was to encourage other cities to follow Frankfurt’s example, namely it revealed the high regard that prevails for oratorial choirs in the cultural life of a city like Frankfurt.

With the help of the Culture Foundation of Deutsche Bank and many private donors, including Marcel Reich-Ranicki, who donated his entire Goethe Award in the amount of Euro 50.000 for the project, it was possible to build this ideal and exemplary rehearsal house for the Workstudy group of Frankfurt choirs without a single Euro from public funds. The City supported the construction by granting the choirs leasehold on the building site.

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