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Women’s Music Agency

The Women’s Music Agency promotes, presents and interlinks female musicians of the pop music sector (rock, pop, new music and jazz). Apart from researching, processing and providing information on women in the music sector, the agency seeks to help female musicians – instrumentalists and composers in particular – gain greater exposure. In addition, musicians, bands, initiatives, and organisations from the female music sector receive assistance with joining regional, trans-regional and international networks.

A range of institutions and initiatives (including concert promoters, booking and promotion agencies, recording companies, universities and colleges) utilize the know-how and the contact opportunities provided by the Agency.

The online portal www.  publishes reports and interviews on women in the music business. Furthermore, there are CD reviews, concert dates, advertisements for workshops, news as well as a discussion forum and a band directory for female musicians.

Since 1995 the Women’s Music Agency in conjunction with Waggong e.V. has organized and managed the “female music points” in Frankfurt. These women’s music workshops gave rise to the "Hessen Women’s Music Week” in 1998:

A further focus of the work of the women’s music agency is the support and promotion of young female musicians through projects such as “Girls That Rock”, “sistars” or “Bandfieber” (band fever).

Further information on this and other activities:

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