Frankfurter Solisten


The “Chamber Orchestra of Frankfurt Soloists” was founded in the year 2001 by young members of the Frankfurt Museums Orchestra. Since the beginning the musical direction has been the responsibility of Vladislav Brunner, former member of the Museum Orchestra. Under his direction the ensemble has developed a far-reaching repertoire with the focus on literature of the 18. and 19. centuries. However, premieres and works composed specifically for the Chamber Orchestra also form a keynote of the programme. True to its name, members of the Orchestra perform in solo and in conjunction with renowned soloists of varying origins and styles.
Since its foundation, the ensemble has presented its own church concert series “cantate domino” in Frankfurt am Main, since 2005 the “Concerts for Kids” of Städtische Bühnen-Oper Frankfurt. Furthermore, concerts throughout the Rhine-Main region have established the Orchestra’s successful reputation, particularly on the occasion of the Weilburger Schlosskonzerte and Alte Oper Frankfurt.

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Kammerorchester Frankfurter Solisten
Eichendorffstraße 15
60320 Frankfurt am Main
Phone +49 (0) 69 95638733