Frankfurter Diakonissenhaus

Church music in the Frankfurter Diakonissenhaus is music during church services.
Religious worship is characterized by a rich liturgy and diverse musical arrangements. Persons contributing are: Organist duties Prof. Dr. Christa Reich and supporting organists
Flute circle (direction Christa Reich)
Wind instruments (direction Norbert Haas)
Choir (direction Hanna Lachenmann).
During church services (Sundays 10h, Saturdays 19h) and in morning prayers (7.30h) psalms are sung in Gregorian chant and at 19h the compline.

Special events:
open singing and diaconal singing week (Christa Reich), musical soirees and concerts held either in the church or in the hall of the Diakonissenhaus.

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Frankfurter Diakonissenhaus
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