Förderkreis Orgel und Orgelmusik an St. Nikolaus

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The St. Nikolaus Church is endowed with two organs: Förster & Nicolaus, Lich, built in 1984, an organ with 52 stops on four manuals. In 2002, the company Förster & Nicolaus refurbished the previous organ (Späth, Ennetach) into a second organ with 18 stops.

The Organ and Organ Music Support Group at St Nikolaus was founded in 1985. Its objectives are above all the organization and execution of organ concerts with famous artists from all over the world.

Information on the Support Group and on the current concert programme is available under www.orgelkonzerte-st-nikolaus.de/

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Förderkreis Orgel und Orgelmusik an Sankt Nikolaus
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