Evangelische Bethlehemgemeinde

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The churches
The commitment of the honorary members and donations of the people of Ginnheim allow the parish to support two churches – a blessing but at the same time a burden. The old baroque village church dates back to the year 1700. In 1954, the first Evangelical church service with priest Martin Niemöller was televised into German homes. In 1955, the parish consecrated its Community Centre in the “Fuchshohl” and in 1971 the New Bethlehem Church.

Music, culture and teaching
The programme ranges from the far-reaching parish library to the literary circle, from lecture evenings and readings to regular reading classes for children, from information events to culture excursions. Church music has formed an integral part of parish activities for many decades. The annual programme here includes a series of concerts, performances by the Ginnheimer Kantorei, the Children’s Choir and the Trombone Band.

Details of the current programme are available under tel. 069/529947, fax 069/517521.

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Evangelische Bethlehemgemeinde
Fuchshohl 1
60431 Frankfurt am Main
Phone +49 (0) 69 529947
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