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As an ecumenical choir of the three Praunheim church communities, the Praunheimer Kantorei extends across community and religious borders in its region. A wide repertoire has been performed in recent years. The choir regularly arranges church services and musical festivities in the district. Its stylistic diversity is particularly manifested by the performance of traditional music contrasting with compositions of the 20th century.
Rehearsals: Mondays at 20h in the Gemeindehaus.

Is a trombone choir founded in 1989. With its 20 members the group performs predominantly in the Praunheim area at church services and cultural functions. The repertoire is far-reaching and in addition to interpretations of original 16th and 17th century literature, it includes all genres of the Romantic up to the 20th century.
Rehearsals: Tuesdays at 20h in the church.

Children in beginner groups enjoy their first musical experiences, which are then enhanced with other instruments, above all to convey the pleasure of harmonious mutual music. Playing the flute is frequently the basis for further musical development. The recorder playing circles of the Resurrection Community are oriented to the varying proficiency levels of the children and take them from first attempts to polyphonous performance.
Information on rehearsal dates: Elke Eisbrich 069/762 326

A sophisticated concert programme is offered annually. The concert series "Spazierwegkonzerte" and "Praunheimer Nachtkonzerte" are popular attractions. Organists from throughout Germany and abroad regularly perform on the Praunheim Schuke organ.

For further information about the music activities contact Auferstmusik@aol.com

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