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Music is an intrinsic part of the "Redemption Community".

The Trombone Choir has a history going back almost 100 years. The Vocal Ensemble is not only special due to its name, but also because it is unusually large for a suburban choir and above all very young with an average age of mid-thirty. A few more tenors and basses would be welcome.

The church has outstanding acoustics. The Walcker organ is a medium-sized instrument with a modern and impressive pipe arrangement. A Neupert cembalo stands in the choir room and a good Feurich grand piano in the community hall. Many community members play adequately well on flute, violin, viola and cello, so that presentable church music is possible from our own ranks.
Friendly and fruitful cooperation exists with the Vocal Ensemble Langen.

Per year five to six "major" musical church services are arranged, in the community hall ca. five to six musical afternoons (evenings) are held.

Work with young musical talent is promoted: brass processions, children's' choir, early musical training.

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