Elvira Plenar


Cooperation with: 
Peter Kowald, John Betsch, Marilyn Mazur, Lindsay Cooper, Phil Minton, Fritz Hauser, Urs Leimgruber, Marilyn Crispell, Ulrike Haage, Vitold Rek, Annemarie Roelofs, Robin Schulkowsky, John Schröder, Gabriele Hasler, JohnTchicai, Hans Ulrik, N.P. Molvaer, Audun Kleive, Alfred Hart, Hugh Hopper, Sally Potter, Palle Mikkelborg, Maggie Nicols, Irene Schweizer, Joelle Leandre, Alexander Perkin, Lauren Newton etc .

Cooperation with the following authors:  A.N. Herbst, P. Böhmer, H. Hübsch, O. Pastior ("Sonetburger"), B. Dirnfellner ("Cisalpin" mit Petra Fehrmann u. Moritz Stoepel), F. K. Waechter ("Tristan und Isolde"), Anna Rheinsberg

Elvira Plenar (piano)
Prof. Annemarie Roelofs (trombone, violin)

The duo Plenar/Roelofs is incredibly inventive, not least due to the different combinations of instruments they use, and fizzes with virtuosity, wit, and passion. Their compositions have a strong rhythmic element and an intricate structure, unusual melodies and, at times, a touch of exquisite melancholia. Having been performers for many years, the musicians are very skilled at improvisation. Nonetheless, each piece sounds fully worked through, its musical and dramatic form always surprising. It is their playful lightness of touch on the one hand and pronounced expressiveness on the other that captivates their audience.

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