Clara Schumann Saal & Engelbert Humperdinck Saal

Dr Hoch’s Konservatorium – Musikakademie Frankfurt am Main has two concert/function halls on its premises:

Clara Schumann Saal (large hall)
Located on the ground floor, this medium-size concert hall has a rising auditorium with seating for ca. 300 persons, a stage with standard stage technology, a mobile organ, concert piano and a curtain.

Engelbert Humperdinck Saal (small hall)
This hall is also located on the ground floor and it can seat ca. 150 spectators. The large organ of the conservatory is installed on the stage of the hall, a grand piano is also available. The stage has no curtain.

For information on current events, rental terms and bookings kindly consult the homepage of Dr Hoch’s Konservatorium – Musikakademie Frankfurt am Main.

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