Barrios Guitar Quartet


This young guitar quartet has developed into a genuine inside tip in the classical music scene. Impudent and unspoiled the four musicians set new benchmarks for their genre. Critics are exuberant about the perfection of their harmony, their musicality and technical skills. The sensational performance of Vivaldi's "Four seasons" gave the Quartet its international breakthrough. Heaped with praise by critics, the ensemble has since belonged to the shooting stars of the guitar scene. In April 2000, the Quartet won 1st Prize in the International Guitar Competition in Viareggio, Italy.

The four musicians Manfred Fischer, Bernd Maier, Heinz Strobel and Martin Wentzel have been acquainted since their studies at the Dr. Hoch'schen Konservatorium in Frankfurt am Main. With his composition "Two Timing", Heinz Strobel, the Quartet's composer and arranger, was prizewinner of the Composition Competition "Paolo Barsachi" in Italy in 2001. He was awarded the Culture Prize of the City of Bingen in the year 2000 for his artistic achievements.

"The possibilities of the guitar are by no means exhausted" is a statement of the artists. One of their objectives is to extend and enrich their present repertoire by own arrangements, transcripts and compositions. Without any inhibitions the musicians exceed traditional genre limits: arrangements of classical orchestra works, such as Vivaldi's Four Seasons, and works of the second Viennese School.
The success is testimony of the musicians' concept: since foundation the Quartet goes from success to success on national and international stages. Public, press and radio are unanimous: "an ensemble of seldom experienced quality and artistic maturity".

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Barrios Quitar Quartet
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