Association to Promote Church Music in the Community Union of the Ev.-Luth. Dreikönigskirche


The Association was founded in autumn 1994 by a circle of church music enthusiasts and tradition-conscious persons. Motivation was to maintain and extend the active or passive participation of as many people as possible in the treasures of church music. Association members regard church music as irreplaceable component of the proclamation purpose of the church.

The Association has set itself the goal of promoting the recently increased activities in the church music field in the Epiphany community and to help uphold the still widely familiar tradition of earlier years. Visible and audible sign of a gratifying development are the Kantorei Sachsenhausen, whose name recalls the former choirmaster of the Epiphany Church and the Kurt Thomas Chamber Choir, and the Telemann Ensemble Frankfurt.

Support activities of the Association, in addition to financial backing for musical projects of the church community, focus mainly on the independent execution of church music functions. Details here are shown in the annual programme publications and in internet

To finance projects the Association calls initially on membership subscriptions and moreover to a large extent on donations from members and non-members. Donations are tax-deductible; the Association is recognized as non-profit organization by the City of Frankfurt am Main.

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