Originally conceived as a temporary project in 2008, the saasfee*pavillon has established itself from its inception as one of the most creative and vital locations for exhibitions and events on contemporary digital art in the Rhein-Main region.

Independent from any institution, saasfee*pavillon is the only exhibition space in Frankfurt under the direction of a collective. The saasfee*pavillon serves as an interface between the established cultural scene and its alternative counterpart. The ambitious objective of the saasfee*pavillon is twofold: to present the diversity of positions and currents in contemporary art, and to foster and support the exchange of national and international artists by doing so.

Built in the 1970s and located in the heart of the city, the exhibition space is also architecturally unique. Harmonizing and interacting with the public park on Eschenheimer Tor which surrounds it, the saasfee*pavillon constitutes a singular arrangement of architecture, contemporary art, music, and nature. Open year-round, the saasfee*pavillon serves as an innovative platform for exhibitions, installations, and events in experimental formats.

bleichstraße 66HH
60313 frankfurt am main
++49. 69. 21 99 92 09

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Bleichstra├če 66
60313 Frankfurt am Main
Phone +49 (0) 69 21999209