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Zement is a producer gallery, i.e., for the majority of the year it is a studio, the workroom of painter Richard Köhler, 2 to 3 times per year it is emptied and becomes an exhibition room. Since 1966, its exhibitions have been curated by Richard Köhler together with graphic artists and trick film producer Leonore Poth.

The artists whose work is presented stem mainly from the circle of the Zement protagonists, very frequently namely they are graduates of the Offenbach College of Art. The following have exhibited to date: Bärbel Högner, Norbert Schmitt, Angelika Uliczka, Thomas Dahmen, Leonore Poth, Richard Köhler, Kerstin Zollna, Camilla Szij, Erika Poth and Marion Gabriel.

Zement has an area of ca. 80 sq. m. and is conveniently located in the Leipziger Strasse in Frankfurt Bockenheim, a highly multicultural district with a corresponding public.

The roast chicken as logo helps to find the way; the courtyard gate into Zement is flanked by two shops selling poultry, chickens on the spit rotate next to the bell.


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Ladengalerie Zement
Oppenheimer Stra├če 33
60594 Frankfurt am Main
Phone +49 (0) 69 709437
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