Rudi Seitz Art Award


Sponsors: Frankfurter Malakademie e.V. (Painting Academy)/Friedrich Wilhelm Meyer Foundation

Branch: Art promotion award

Award period: Every 2 years

Award committee: Representatives of Frankfurt museums and cultural institutions, Frankfurt artists. The Award Committee selects an external juror who decides on the award winner.

Award: Prize giving in conjunction with an individual exhibition and a catalogue, award value EUR 6000

The Rudi Seitz Art Award is presented every two years to commemorate this friend and supporter of Frankfurt artists.
In the spirit of the art supporter Rudi Seitz the Frankfurter Malakademie and the Friedrich Wilhelm Meyer Foundation jointly present this promotion award. The award promotes artists standing at the beginning of their career and who are little known by the public. Award winners are chosen by a committee, which selects a juror. Own applications are not accepted.

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