Galerie von Miller


Maritta von Miller founded the gallery in 1988 to exhibit traditional African art – objects like ritual masks and sculptures, created for and used in cults.

Their diversity of form and reduction to the essentials became the basis of Modernism in the 20th century. The originators of these works of art remain anonymous, inconspicious behind their creations. Parallel to objects from all of Africa ’s art-creating tribes, the gallery holds theme-related exhibition cycles like "The Woman in African art ","Gods of the Pantheon. The Art of the Youruba ","Iron. Blood of the Earth "or "Face to Face. Africa ’s Tradition and Modernity in Dialogue ". Exhibits stem from private collections.

The gallery owner benefits from contacts cultivated over 30 years of collecting passion, which she ultimately made her profession.

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Galerie von Miller, Stammeskunst aus Afrika und Ozeanien
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