Galerie F. A. C. Prestel


The gallery with the big round arch windows has its roots in the 18th century and is probably Germany ’s oldest gallery.

Operating as an auction house for graphics in the twenties, during the fascist period it exhibited work by 19th century artists, because the principal contemporary artists were then banned, whereas one did not wish to exhibit those finding favour. Following World War II, the gallery presented classical modern and the then young artists of the Frankfurt Quadriga. Work by Bernard Schultze and Heinz Kreutz, two of its protagonists, can still be often seen in the gallery today. Since 1980, the programme has focussed on painting of the young generation – expressive and unique positions between abstract and the figurative imagery.

Artists represented: Irmgard Weber, Martina Bernasko (Spain), Oliver Christmann, Juliane Gottwald, Renate Sautermeister, Gudrun Differenz, Volker Steinbacher, Sabina Wörner (Netherland), Andrea Simon, Claudia Schmidt, Bettina van Haaren, Thomas Meier-Castel (France), Eckhard Gehrmann und Gloria Brand.

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Galerie F.A.C. Prestel
Braubachstra├če 30
60311 Frankfurt am Main
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