Frankfurter Kranz


Goal of the Frankfurter Kranz is achieving stronger interlinking and a project-oriented interdisciplinary cooperation between women working in the field of culture in Frankfurt.

We cordially invite interested and committed women from various fields of culture to Frankfurter Kranz: to critically and constructively discuss current theme complexes and to work on an open and moving cultural landscape in Frankfurt.

Frankfurter Kranz is coordination point and information pool for women working in culture in Frankfurt. Planned are discussion evenings for the interchange of themes and professionalization and further education programmes to strengthen the competencies of women working in culture. Frankfurter Kranz should serve as a forum for input and inspiration and in the long term initiate its own cultural projects.

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Frankfurter Kranz - Plattform für kulturschaffende Frauen
Siemensstraße 11
60594 Frankfurt am Main
Phone +49 (0) 69 96233122