Ateliers 3.Etage

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Ateliers 3. Etage is an amalgamation of artists that has existed since 1999. The group’s concept is to create and simultaneously present art on the 186 square metre factory floor.

They open their studio for art lovers on every 3 month from 14 to 19h.

Current works by:
Kejoo Park (painting), Dagmar Hesse-Kreindler (paintings and drawings), Monika Höchtl (jewellery, photography and installations), Magdalena Ising (abstract paintings), Marc Charissé (paintings), Katharina Klingebiel (paintings), Regine Altegoer (paintings and drawings), Maha Zarkout (paintings), Frank Kambor (photography).

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Ateliers 3. Etage - Geb├Ąudeteil 6
Westerbachstra├če 47
60489 Frankfurt am Main