Qualitative architecture is shown in the context of location and town history.

On the first Saturday of a month between April and October, a public “mainarchitektour” takes place: a three-hour architectonic discourse around the Main, vividly enriched by literary anecdotes on Frankfurt municipal history, fluently elucidated in advance using plans and models in the Historical Museum.

The tour’s finale unfolds seated on the Sachsenhausen riverbank with drinks and view of the early evening skyscape. The mainarchtektour is aimed at everyone interested in qualitative architecture, real estate investment and in Frankfurt.

The goal is to stimulate the sensibility of laypersons for ARCHITECTURE, strengthen their CRITICAL FACULTY and provide a basic ORIENTATION platform in the wide world of “architecture producers”.

Hedderichstraße 67
60596 Frankfurt am Main
Telefon +49 (0) 69 628428