Goetheruh and Goetheturm


In the district Sachsenhausen is the “Goethe Tower” rises to a height of 43 metres. Situated in the city forest it was Germany’s highest timber construction and offeres captivating views of Frankfurt and the neighbouring Taunus hills. In the night of the 11th to the 12th October 2017, the Goethe Tower was destroyed due to a fire. A reconstruction was completed in the Winter 2020/21.

The former tower was built in 1931 and was much higher than the original from1867, which reached only 22 metres. The Goetheturm is at the northern end of the city forest. In front are two small vantage hills hidden in the woods, the larger of which is named Goetheruh (Goethe rest). Whether Goethe really rested here, however, is not documented.