Wu Wei Theater


Wu Wei, what's that? "… not an imitation of life in words and pictures, because the real thing is better than any copy. It's the cue for seeing oneself, a gesture, a slash, an empty room.

Angelika Sieburg and Andreas Wellano, formerly "schlicksupp teatertrupp", before that "Theater am Turm", two theatre professionals - in collaboration. With musicians, actors, dramatists, producers. Above all actors' theatre. Experimenting with forms of the epic theatre. Ever with relevant, socially critical themes. On the friction and separation of role and player, two or three players present all roles of a piece, as in ancient theatre of Greece. Over and above is recognition, humour, that which the audience's imagination conjures up in the end remains the sketch. The creativity of the Wu Wei Theater stimulates the imagination and develops counter poles on reality.

In 1996 the Wu Wei Theater extended its repertoire and at the same time launched a new spin-off. Wu Wei for children and teenagers.

Wu Wei Theater
Goldsteinstraße 48
60528 Frankfurt am Main
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