Volksbühne im Großen Hirschgraben


In the beginning was - "Das Gebabbel". The Flying Volksbühne presents Frankfurt dialect theater in connection with new forms of theater, current Frankfurt topics and authors.


How could Volkstheater in Frankfurt look like?
Since its founding in November 2008, the Fliegende Volksbühne Frankfurt Rhein-Main has been dealing with the Frankfurt or South Hessian version of a folk theater tradition that is only found in two other regions in German-speaking countries: Vienna and Berlin. Here, emphasis is placed on the critical handling of materials and literary models, based on our current situation, and on offensive comedy in performance, which corresponds to the tradition of folk theater and develops it further. The play and the actors are always in the foreground.

After the Goethe-Höfe site was rebuilt, the Cantate Hall became the permanent venue for the Fliegende Volksbühne in January 2020.

Fliegenden Volksbühne Frankfurt Rhein-Main e.V.
Großer Hirschgraben 15
60311 Frankfurt am Main

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