Tigerpalast - International Variety Theater


In 1988 Margareta Dillinger, Johnny Klinke, Robert Mangold and the unforgettable cabaret artist Matthias Beltz opened the first international variety theater of today in the middle of the city of Frankfurt. They established a solid, year-round house, and the success of the Tigerpalast sparked a renaissance of variety in Germany.

Since then, numerous stars of the international variety scene have performed in the Tigerpalast. These include Matthias Beltz as a showman, the escape artist Hans Moretti, the jugglers Ernesto Montego, Francis Brunn and Kris Kremo, the acrobat dancer Nathalie Enterline and the pickpocket Borra, entertainers such as Max Raabe, Georgette Dee and Liliane Montevecchi and also high wire and trapeze artists as well as predator herdsmen.

For the 30th anniversary, the founders of the Tigerpalast, who have managed to "bring the rare art form of the Variety Theater to life and to enrich the cultural life in Frankfurt by the continuous quality of the artists appearing here," were honored with the Binding Culture Prize.

Tigerpalast - Internationales Varieté Theater
Heiligkreuzgasse 16-20
60313 Frankfurt am Main
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