Theatrallalla - Bäppi La Belle


With “This is my live” (no, not a typing error) Bäppi appeared for the first time with an evening-long show, which then ran sold-out for 17 months!

The pseudonym Bäppi La Belle disguises the dance instructor and entertainer Thomas Bäppler. Born on the 24th of December, the family very soon realized that the son Thomas was not destined for a job in the banking or insurance professions; the career pursued in the church sector also proved to be a stumbling block for similar reasons.

Various acting endeavours at school were followed by the first performances in the circle of closer friends. After training as dancing instructor the Bäppi La Belle Show first got off the ground with the opening of the dancing school in the year 1990.

Since then every week is show time with spooky-shrill revues, presented by a talented freak, an eccentric bitch, a diva-like star who calls himself/herself Bäppi.

Bäppi im Theatrallalla Frankfurt
Friedberger Landstraße 296
60389 Frankfurt am Main
Telefon +49 (0) 69 593701