Die Schmiere


Sometimes slapstick, or earnest, or political, or socially critical, or with music, or humorous – but whatever, “Die Schmiere” at the heart of downtown Frankfurt always invites to a cabaret programme of full evening entertainment.

“Die Schmiere’s” first performance was on 9. 9. 1950 with creator and founder Rudolf Rolfs. During the 39 years of his Schmiere era dozens of colleagues played alongside and with him in more than 11000 satirical theatre productions.

The most popular Schmiere performer for more than 30 years was Regnauld Nonsens. Although domiciled in Frankfurt right from the start, “Die Schmiere” also staged guest performances in Germany and abroad. It moved frequently within Frankfurt before feeling really at home in the cellar of Karmeliterkloster, where it still can be found today.

Rolfs & Nonsens bid farewell in 1989 and since 1990 a new team has been at work consisting of Effi Rolfs-Wrobel (the daughter of Rudolf Rolfs), Matthias Stich and Klaus Tessnow, encircled, extended and enriched by various co-players.

“Die Schmiere” still plays repertoire, i.e. various genres are on the bill, to be enjoyed in the venerable vaulted cellar with almost 100 seats.

Die Schmiere
Seckbächer Gasse 14
60311 Frankfurt am Main
Telefon +49 (0) 69 281066